As a concept FemmeFatale has been existing in the historical process. As a word, it comes from French literature; which means a deadly woman. Femme Fatale, a dangerous woman who is using her sexual qualities to seduce men. This concept is a criticism of the project.
Ensemble of woman had been processed for many years until the 19th century.
After this part of process; woman became a desirable object with camera.
In patriarchal society, feminism grew up so fast. Also market supply had a big talent to cover it with pornography. Well, from now on woman model is skinny, beautiful, sexy and rich. This concept has been so strong until feminists started to discuss about seeing woman like an object, fashion and media changed the vision of woman on patriarchal society.
From ten years of now, the vision of woman became like more strong, more masculine. In pop culture; masculine woman has caught up the roll of man. By the way man became more feminine. This is the main idea of this project.
These photos are reproduction of many photographers whose were working on same cycle and so different from each other. They brought this vision to modern art and society. However, when these random qualities come together the whole picture designates one profile. Dream woman.
Femme Fatale project is criticism about nowadays state of a dream woman.
Reproduction photos belong to; Annie Leibovitz, David Hamilton, Diane Arbus, Edward Steichen, HelmutNewton, Man Ray, Richard Avedon, Robert Mapplethorpe.
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